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I'm assuming that Jensen and his gf would hang out with Jared and Sandy like a couples thing, not as a fifth wheel. Voyeur on nude beach. Lately i have noticed how huge he is and those shoulders In the second episode, Everybody Loves a Clownhe did, in my opinion, his best work on the show to that point in a difficult and emotional scene that closed the episode.

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So what do they do when he's filming Supernatural in Canada? Why yes, fangurl, we do. Naked pictures of jared padalecki. Jared is not professional. His character, Sam, was possessed by a demon known as Meg, who had been played in earlier episodes by an actress named Nicki Aycox. The handprint thing just made me chortle. The scans themselves are linked to at that livejournal but you may have to join the forum to see them. Supernatural will be on for two more years if they are lucky.

R, Jensen has had many girlfriends over the years, some of which have been posted here - he likes women and has had a girlfriend ever since his time on Days of Our Lives. Did I say delicious again? I'm pretty sure they exchanged gifts before they left home to spend Christmas with families.

And I have yet to see one of those pics where Jensen looks like he's not several sheets tot he wind. Milf mature party. The episode made good use of background events in scenes, and an instant fan favorite featured Dean Jensen Ackles in the foreground, talking to friend and mentor Bobby Singer on the phone, while in the background Sam, who has been cursed with bad luck after losing an enchanted rabbit's foot, steps on a huge wad of bubblegum, tries to scrape it off on a street grate, and proceeds to lose his shoe down the sewer.

Ruby doesn't look good in certain camera angles. This page is a tongue-in-cheek look at a few of them. Jensen also said that he was staying with another friend in Canada prior to moving in with Jared. I think Jared has gotten stronger. Why encourage the rumour that you are gay if its not true?

Does anyone now think that all these "moments" from the seasons are really secret expressions of their feelings for each other meant for just the two of them?

Who would have thought something like Jared's underwear and pre-cum situation would be such common knowledge throughout the industry? The Sexiest Angel is Jared. I don't buy it. He does have a better physique, actually. We had a long thread earlier this year with hundreds of posts from ex-tinhats and former regulars on the LOTR threads. When Dean is in trouble i'm like ' oh get up, you got sucker punched. Jared is a wonerdful actor. Nicole kidman sex nude. I always thought that Jensen was hot but I'm now inclined to lean towards Jared as the cuter of the two.

We have no right to judge them coz love is created by GOD.

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Did he have a financial setback or additional financial responsibilities? Hand and foot porn, thank you!

He's now in Austin, TX, filming the latest "Friday the 13th" movie. Milf amateur bondage. I fell instantly for Sam when I saw my first episode of Supernatural! It's quite simply a way to save money, since the actors still have to pay their mortgages on their places back home, and the networks only reimburse X amount for housing expenses.

It looked weird for some reason. But if they are like brothers, not lovers, isn't their intensity a bit overboard. His portrayal of Meg, in contrast, was that of a creature that's been trapped too long in the body of a diminuitive woman and is reveling in the stature and strength of her new "meat suit. Did Jared yell at the guy or something?

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I know almost every author here has used the phrase "a smile that almost reaches his eyes" in their fics when describing a certain situation, and it just seems to me that this is the very embodiment of that phrase. Of course straight guys compare their dick size. Jensen is a boring square who insists on covering up in shoes at public appearances, whereas Jared is a deliciously shameless exhibitonist!

But Sam isn't the only smart person who looks like Jared Padalecki. Naked pictures of jared padalecki. About him wanting to quit. Can any guy, gay or straight, honestly say that, if confronted with another naked man, he wouldn't look at the other guy's cock? I hope those people commenting at 's link are year old school girls. Girls sexy funny videos. I almost feel sorry for Jared sometimes - he is totally overshadowed by the more talented and better-looking Jensen.

He should be thrilled to be on Supernatural. They are both good actors who work really well together. Interestingly, my husband agrees with you about their relative levels of attractiveness, but, being a straight guy, he's never been able to articulate WHY he thinks Jared is better looking, so I remain puzzled by the gender difference. Its a bit uncomfortable, actually. I dont think I've seen a picture of Jensen with a girl that is not at some event with tons of pictures taken of everyone.

Both those ways of fucking can be good and the show loves to juxtapose the boys fucking styles, especially since Sammy is 'supposed' to be Mr. In case some people haven't seen the new clips for the new episodes coming next year see link. Or maybe they are both just "padacklesexual". Indian black beauty nude. And I'm damn proud of it! Jared at VanCon Watch the fangurls squeal now!

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